SACP Member Instructions


  • Content can be created, edited and deleted by site Moderators.  Presently there are four different content types:  "Articles", "Basic", "Events" and "Polls".
  • "Article" should be used for SACP news items.  They can be promoted to the front page of the site, made viewable by everyone or only authenticated users, opened to user comments, etc.
  • "Basic page" pages should be used for static content, like the main web pages used on the site: "Fundraising", "Training", "Members", "Contact", etc.
  • "Events" are used to create events for the calendar.  These can be patrols or any other event the SACP wishes to publish on its calendar.  Specific dates or date ranges can be assigned to the event and user sign-up can be enabled/disabled.  Once an event is published to the calendar, authenticated users can sign up for the event and add comments (like patrol summaries, etc).
  • "Poll" are used to create poll questions which members can respond to.

Event Calendar

  • Events are created using the "Event" sub-content type found under the "Add content" menu item, once a user with the necessary privileges has signed in.  When creating an event use a standardized title and description narrative for the type of event you are adding (ex: Patrol, Meeting, etc).  Select the date(s) associated to this event below the description text box and check the "Repeating" box if the event reoccurs following a pattern.  All of the content options at the bottom of the event creation page can normally be left at their default settings, but if you need to change something for a specific event then do so.  All aspects of the event and its settings can be edited or changed at anytime, so don't worry if you make a mistake during event creation.  Once the event is created it will automatically appear on the Event Calendar and be viewable by all registered SACP members when they sign in to the web site.  A sample event has been created on February 12th, 2017 for reference.