We are presently operating in all areas of St. Albert including industrial and commercial zones. Volunteers can start in their own neighbourhoods, but can be expected to patrol all areas if and when required.

While on patrol, we perform the following duties:

  • Observe and report suspicious activities
  • Notify owners of vehicles left unlocked
  • Report broken windows to building and vehicle owners
  • Remind residents if their garage doors are left open
  • Help motorists or other citizens in need of assistance
  • Search for lost or missing children and seniors

Steps to apply for membership:

  1. It is advisable for you to make contact with one of the St. Albert Citizen’s Patrol Society’s executive members before completing an application form. One of the executive members can ensure all of your questions about the patrol are answered. A full understanding of how the patrol works and what is expected of you will help the application process go smoothly.
  2. Contact a member at st.albertcitzenspatrol [at] gmail [dot] com.
  3. There is an Application Form on our web site that you may complete and forward to an Executive Member of the Patrol, who will then pass it on to a Community Liaison Officer at the RCMP Detachment.
  4. For general information about the Patrol, call (780) 569-5499 where you can leave a message to have a Patrol executive member return your call.