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What We Do

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Who We Are

The St. Albert Citizen’s Patrol Society has been active in the community since 1998. The program began as a community-driven initiative in response to increased vandalism and theft in various St. Albert neighbourhoods.


Volunteers patrol all areas of St. Albert in groups of two or more, and wear reflective vests identifying them as members of the Citizen’s Patrol.


Visibility is key for this crime prevention group, as those who encounter them know immediately who they are and why they are there.

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How it Works

Like other successful crime prevention programs, the St. Albert Citizen’s Patrol Society helps to deter mischief, theft, break and enter as well as other crimes of opportunity. It does this by being a “visible” presence in the community. Volunteers get to know neighbours, stop and talk to young people and make an effort to let residents know when their property appears vulnerable to theft.

Why it Works

Have you ever driven your car past a marked police cruiser, only to find yourself taking your foot off the gas and ensuring your seat belt is on? The Citizen’s Patrol has a similar effect on would-be vandals or thieves.

Our Approach

If a Citizen’s Patrol volunteer comes across suspicious or criminal activity, they use mobile telephones to communicate with the Police.Members are non-confrontational and restrict involvement to observing and reporting.On occasion the RCMP requires extra eyes and ears in the community when a missing child or other similar incident arises. The Citizen’s Patrol will react and respond to requests from the RCMP to help out in situations like this.

Why Should I get Involved?

Keep St. Albert Safe

Maintaining a healthy community such as St. Albert takes effort. If you've been a victim of vandalism or theft and you want to do something about it, then the St. Albert Citizen’s Patrol is a great way to help.

Know Your Community

Get to know your community better and get some exercise in the process.

Our Community is Our Priority

The St. Albert Citizen’s Patrol Society is active in all areas of the city.

Contact Us for More Information

780 569 5499 for General Inquiries - Leave a Message
St. Albert RCMP Detachment
96 Bellerose Drive, St. Albert, Alberta
780 458 7700 non-emergency line
(ask for Community Liaison Officer)

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